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Facelessness - definition of facelessness by The Free face·less (fās′lĭs) adj. 1. Having no face. 2. Without character or identity; anonymous: faceless soldiers guarding the compound; a faceless industrial conglomerate. face′less·ness n. faceless (ˈfeɪslɪs) adj 1. without a face 2. without identity; anonymous ˈfacelessness n face•less (ˈfeɪs lɪs) adj. 1. lacking a face. 2. lacking personal Faceless Void/Lore - Dota 2 Wiki Dec 10, 2018 True Paranormal Stories: The Faceless Man at Lassen Peak

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The faceless men are willing to take any contract. They do not ask why. They do not question the will of the many-faced god. They will, however, always get their fee. One way or another. Even if that means you’ll be asked to trade your child's life for that of your enemies child. 7. Faceless Are Men (Typically) What do faceless people mean in dreams? - Quora

May 03, 2020 · This means they can be cast face down for 3 mana as a 2/2 colorless creatures without creature types. At any time player can cast an instant spell, they can pay its morph cost to turn the creature face up. This process doesn’t use the stack – this means players can’t Shock your face-down creature in response to you paying the morph cost.

Aug 18, 2014 Getting Rid Of A Faceless Kid | Dream Meanings for Getting (Gruel) In a dream, porridge means travel by land, abstinence, piety and fear of wrongdoing. Eating porridge in a dream means release from prison, attaining a high ranking position, finding a lost property, or having excellent religious standing. Porridge is mostly made from flour and milk. The flour comes out of … Faceless in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation Translate Faceless. See 2 authoritative translations of Faceless in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.