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Configuring Kerio VPN Server - GFI Software Kerio VPN Server needs a DNS Domain Name System - A database enables the translation of hostnames to IP addresses and provides other domain related information. Server to be used. There are two possible configuration options: Using the Kerio Control DNS server. To use the DNS server in Kerio Control for Kerio Control VPN Clients:. In the administration interface, go to Interfaces. Installing and configuring Kerio Control VPN Client for users Download and install Kerio Control VPN Client. Kerio Control VPN Client starts automatically after installation and you can see the Kerio Control VPN Client window. In the Connection field, type a name for the new connection. In the Server field, type the Kerio Control server name or IP address. If your administrator gives you more than one

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May 10, 2019 · VPN Enabler for Mojave (there are versions for Sierra and High Sierra as well) allows us to easily configure the underlying VPN server in macOS. Our VPN configuration script adds the ability to funnel all traffic through the VPN, not just traffic destined for your VPN server. This encrypts all of your traffic, adding a layer of security when

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VPN | Kerio Control Kerio VPN Client (32-bit) 9.85 MB: DOWNLOAD UPDATE: Kerio VPN Client (64-bit) 9.94 MB: DOWNLOAD UPDATE: macOS. Kerio VPN Client: 15.59 MB: DOWNLOAD UPDATE: Debian and Ubuntu Linux. Kerio VPN Client (32-bit) 2.88 MB: DOWNLOAD UPDATE Installation Instructions: Kerio VPN Client (64-bit) 2.89 MB: DOWNLOAD UPDATE Installation Instructions