Jun 18, 2019

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Local area connection-A network cable is unplugged? help

local area connection 2 network cable unplugged message Re: local area connection 2 network cable unplugged message This thread has been locked due to inactivity.For assistance,with same issue or a different issue,please click New Post on the top right to start a New Thread. LOCAL AREA CONNECTION 2 Error A network cable is unplugged

Solved: Wifi Issues: Network Cable Unplugged | Tech

Network cable constantly switches from plugged/unplugged Mar 11, 2004 A NETWORK CABLE IS UNPLUGGED - Techyv.com For the last 3 days a popup is appearing on my screen, which says “A network cable is unplugged”. I am surprised to see this message, as I only use the wireless for my internet. I have checked all the measures, provided in different websites, BUT all of them point to a network card. Surprisingly I do not have a network card installed on the system.